Sergio Perrero

Sergio Perrero was an eclectic architect, designer, and creative, known for transforming fashion, furniture, and staged spaces into authentic works of art.

Born in the province of Turin in 1950, since his debut in the 70s he has applied his training as an architect to projects characterized by a free and visionary creativity.

The Creative Visionary

One of the most striking examples of Sergio Perrero’s talent is the creation of the “Karma Club” nightclub in Ciriè, where every element, from the systems to the furnishings, is the result of his brilliant creativity.

This project was carried out in collaboration with important companies in the sector such as Gufram, Contenotte and Audio Impianti. In addition, Perrero contributed to the transformation of GRP’s television studios in Turin, designing set-ups, sets for television programs and settings for commercials in collaboration with La Gazzetta del Popolo and Studio Testa.

In the 1970s, he pioneered the concept of reuse, a philosophy that would guide much of his career. “Oh Lourdes” was a space in the Feyles Mill, in the Martinetto district of Turin, where regenerated rags, lace and theatrical costumes were rented and sold.

This place has become a cultural center where contemporary performances, fashion shows, and ballets were held, combining art, fashion, and sustainability.

Entrepreneur & Innovator

In the 80s, he started his entrepreneurial activity in the textile sector by opening the “Guarmosa Print” in Murisengo.

This company has specialized in screen printing and dyeing of yarns and fabrics, serving important spinning mills such as Filpucci, Linea Più, Overfil, Bemiva, Comitex, and others from Biella such as Antonio Viana, Loro e Festa, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lanificio Piacenza and Lanificio Cerruti.

The constant research and experimentation of sophisticated techniques to apply to knitwear, clothing, fabrics and wallpapers have led to collaborations with prestigious fashion and design brands, including Armani, Valentino, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and many others.

The legacy of the Turin master

Another significant turning point in Sergio Perrero’s career was his collaboration with a company that embraced an innovative philosophy of sustainable production.

This new vision aimed to use ecological technologies and reuse and recycling techniques for textile production. Perrero’s creativity in decorating fabrics with dreamlike patterns has made his work distinctive, winning collaborations with important fashion and design brands.

After the untimely death of Sergio Perrero in 2020, the “Perrero Experience” project was launched in collaboration with Gino Piardi and Pietro Tassi.

This ethical project focuses on the responsible use of materials and respect for the environment, transforming unused materials and objects from the fashion and design industry into true works of art. The first installations were presented in the Design District of Scalo Milano in 2019.

The Perrero Experience project

Perrero Experience continues its mission of cataloguing, preserving and making known to the public the multifaceted works of Sergio Perrero, including canvases, furniture, clothes and fabrics, carrying on his ethical philosophy and respect.

In conclusion, Sergio Perrero was a multifaceted artist who left a significant imprint on the world of fashion, design, and sustainability. His visionary creativity and commitment to reuse and sustainability continue to inspire and influence the industry.